Gmarket Video Reviews & tips and tricks you should know

How to Use Gmarket

We've been asked a bunch of times now how to shop on Gmarket, so we're gonna do one of our old fashioned tutorials and show you how to shop online in ...

Korean Diet Hula Hoop of HELL!

Korea has these specialty hula hoops that are supposed to be diet something or other, and they're huge and PAINFUL AS HELL! We'll share it with you for this ...

WTF - Ostrich Pillow

Feel like sleeping on an awkward surface but can't get comfortable? Well, with this thing, just put it on your face and you're set! Subscribe for more Videos!

WTF - Hello Kitty Roulette

We found this cute little Hello Kitty game on Gmarket. Stab the barrel, and if you lose, you have to do one of the uniquely Korean punishments. Ha! We'll play ...

Korean Beauty Face Masks - Animal Style!

We've been on a Korean beauty face mask kick lately. Last week's video, though, was terrifying and ineffective. This week's face mask is a lot cuter. Thanks to ...


Personal Claw Machine

You ever see those claw machines where you insert a coin and it can pick stuff up, but it never does and you get angry? Well, we bought one of those for ...

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SAMSUNG GALAXY S2 - Gmarket App -

Samsung Galaxy S2 Smartphone 삼성 갤럭시S2 스마트폰 구동영상 Mobile / Car / Life / Hobby Contents / @poritertv ...

How to order some things in Gmarket in khmer

How to order some things in Gmarket in khmer.

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